1. gifak-net:

    via: vine

    gotta go fast


  2. "It is hot", a poem.

    It is hot outside.
    It is hot in my house.
    It is hot at work.
    It is hot all day.
    It is hot all night.

    thank you.



  4. kristinaadesuwa:

    when you leave your three year old brother in your room with your mac. 

  5. will probably color this… maybe.

  6. Some photos from my phone taken on a cloudy day’s walk through a city garden.

  7. Micha (female striker) and Sano (female sano)

  8. fart noises


  9. Oops, I made my sketchblog the wrong way… All four of you that followed it can do the same here~

  10. I vectored a panel from a really old comic for no raisin.

  11. greydonluterbach:

    Work doodle.

    Grey drew a Goku!

  12. Rough run cycle practice! Done in photoshop, took about an hour and half I think.

  13. I drew this for the biweekly drawing challenge my studio does. For this one we were given a palette!

  14. A quickie doodle of Cage.

  15. just havin’ fun